Function Toque F*ck Off Red

  •   Fashion over function is a thing of the past. Why sacrifice function when you can have them both! Fashion & function beautifully brought together by our double layered premium acrylic knit Function Toque.

    Its scientifically proven that 96% of life's problems can be solved with a new Function Toque by One T Apparel.

    We predict that if the world keeps up at it's current rate of self destruction, by the year 2029 everything will go to sh*t and toques will become the main currency worldwide. We suggest you invest now before its to late!  
  • -Low key embroidered One T logo
    -Double layered wide ribbed acrylic knit fabric
    -Wear it rolled or condom
    -Brings good luck if slept in
    -Might get stolen at the bar
    -Cut eye holes in roll for makeshift balaclava (voids warranty)
    -Doubles as a grocery bag
    -World record for most amount of toques on head is 33. Good luck
    -2 toques and couple elastics will double for socks in a time of need
    -Cut 2 side holes and you have a tea cosy
    -Good for wearing on your head as well

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